Ever wondered how David M. Green pays his rent?

I’m back at Crocmedia in 2013 and since the end of March, I’ve spent every weekend panelling their flagship syndicated radio show “AFL Live”. And I’m still loving it.

By process of attrition, I’ve become their senior panel operator and last weekend I racked up by 500th hour “on the buttons”, also surpassing the number of hours I spent panelling at Melbourne Talk Radio. This is now the longest stretch of time I’ve held a job in radio without being replaced by a computer or the station shutting down.

Here are some more memorable moments from AFL Live in 2012/13 with Rex Hunt, Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts, Billy Brownless, Shane Crawford, Jack Heverin, Tristan Foenander, and a few surprises…

You can tune in on radio stations around regional Australia, or via the official AFL iPhone App.

I’d also like to introduce you to “The Croc Rock”.

From time to time, The Croc Rock helps me and the other panel operators out. Like so:

Triple M might rock footy, but do they have The Croc Rock?

I don’t think so.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
Assistant to Mr The Croc Rock

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