It’s a wrap on another season of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell. What more can I say? I love the show. I love the team. I love the man.

By the way, that’s the ACTUAL Godzilla toy (centre) as featured in that sketch from “The Micallef Pogram”. You know the one I mean.

All 10 episodes from series/season 5 are up on ABC iView. You’ve got until April 29 until they take them down. I had quite a bit of food-related material in this season. Look out for a bit about a pretzel and an edible coffee cup 😉

Also, see if you can spot me in the final episode. Here’s a hint:

Something else unexpected I’ve enjoyed since moving to Melbourne is randomly seeing something I saw on TV years earlier. Sometimes it’s the most obscure thing. Here’s one of them. This is the corner of Selwyn Street and Sinclair Street in Elsternwick, just outside the ABC production offices, looking east:

I thought there was something familiar about that corner. Now take a look at the opening titles to “The Micallef Pogram” (correct spelling), that aired on ABC TV in early 2001… about 91 seconds in:


How about that? As you can see, those water restrictions had some impact.

Or maybe it’s the budget cuts?

Kind regards,
David M. Green

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