After a 3 month sabbatical, VHS Revue is back! I acquired a couple more tapes from my good friend Nicholas Godfrey and the first of which has been combed through in Ep 9 above.

It’s the Australian television premiere of the 1990 Macaulay Culkin classic “Home Alone”, recorded on 15 August 1993.

Highlights include ads for Optus, Pascal Dipstix, Ian Berry Insurance and the Christian Television Association. Footage recorded from Channel Ten Adelaide and used here for review, parody and satirical purposes (obviously).

Plus a very special guest appearance by TV’s Mark Humphries!

We used a different VHS camera this time: a circa 1985 Hitachi belonging to my good friend Alexis Kotlowy (AKA the guy who also did all the brilliant music and graphics). It has a slightly softer look than Nick’s circa 1990 National camera we used for Eps 2-8. We had to take the side panel off because it was chewing the tape at one point, but it did make it look cooler:

Almost looks like it an old movie camera with those spools spinning around.

I made those offensive chocolate bars myself. Bit of a shame you hardly get to see them in the video. Although, it’s probably for the best. Graphic design was never my strong point. And if you could see them close up, you can clearly see I’ve just printed out some “crude” labels and stuck them onto real confectionery… If you haven’t scrolled down already, go on have a look then.

Got one more episode in the works for now, so keep track of VHS Revue on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

But until then, I’ll see ya around.

– David M. Green

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