Hello to you, you savvy Internet-user type person,

It was a rich experience, that is for certain! For the last 3 days I’ve been walking around the Adelaide showgrounds for the 2008 Conmex Infrastructure Expo. Although unlike most people there, I was dressed as a giant light-bulb! Woah… woah, I anticipate your inquisition, so calm down… Allow me to explain WHY I, a respectable up-standing member of society, was doing such a thing…

Recently I signed up with a promotions company called Flair Personnel. “Why not?” I thought, it’s something to do. Then I got a call that pretty much went “Hey, wanna be a light-bulb?” I paused for a moment… before replying “Oh man, I have GOT to do this!” Ever since I was hassled by the characters at Disney World when I was 11, I’ve always wanted to give such a thing a try. The feeling of being hidden behind a mask, and being free to clown around with total anonymity… What a great opportunity for some physical comedy, which I rarely chance to do!

So I went to Adelaide’s fabulous Wayville showgrounds, behind the recently demolished Centennial Hall, for the Infrastructure Expo. I was there to promote CMA Recycling: Australia’s 3rd largest recycling company, specialising in metal recycling, including those metals found in old light globes (thus the costume). Also at the CMA stand was Karl Verkus, CMA’s Strategic Marketing Manager. Great guy. One of the best bosses I’ve ever had. We spent a lot of time chatting about Adelaide and the differences between Adelaide and Sydney, his current home city, as well as his home country of Germany. Here’s a photo of us (I’m the one on the left… obviously):

Inside the light-bulb, I was a crowd pleaser, giving high-fives and posing for photos, as well as sneaking up on people (hehehe). The costume wasn’t very maneuverable though. I couldn’t do much with my arms, other than wave and give a ‘thumbs-up,’ and I couldn’t move too fast for fear of knocking stuff over with my giant balloon head. It was actually a balloon. I wore a harness with a battery and air-circulating machine that kept the costume inflated, as well as giving me air to breath. I need that to live, you see…

But outside the light-bulb too, I also met and talked to lots of interesting people. I’m somewhat of an infrastructure enthusiast myself anyway. I spent about 10 minutes in front of the SA Government exhibit reading all about the new Northern Expressway and the rail electrification plan (dressed as the light-bulb! haha!). And I consider myself an environmentalist at heart, so it was convenient for me to be promoting a company that does a lot of good for the environment; recycling and remediation. It’s actually quite fascinating. Take a look at the CMA website to see for yourself.

But all in all, a fantastic and fun, albeit tiring, experience! Plus the highest paid hourly rate I’ve ever received! Another example of the David M. Green you all know and love, living up to his name.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
Enlightened Individual

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