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Well… what can be said about Brain Damage? Pointless question to ask you really, unless you’re one of the dozen or so people who accidentally tuned in when it was on, conviniently scheduled Friday nights/Saturday mornings from midnight to 1am on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM, nestled in between “The Albanian Program” and overnight BBC (that isn’t a joke). Brain Damage was, quite simply, the finest comedy show on Radio Adelaide. When people ask how the show went, all that could be said was that it was “fine.” Brain Damage was hosted byDavid M. Green (obviously, seeing as though this is his website), Nick Godfrey, Nathan Sharrad and Matthew “Matty B” Boughen and broadcast for 3 months from March to May 2007. The shows usually consisted of a bunch of sketches, regular segments, semi-regular segments, one-off segments, talk breaks laced with witt and cyanide and musical interludes loosely associated with 90s Britpop… Although when Matty B’s turn to choose the music came around, this convention seemed to go out the window… which is odd because Radio Adelaide doesn’t have any… Windows that is… or Britpop come to think of it… The show was also graced with a cameo voice appearance from Shaun Micallef, providing an epilogue to the final show (see “Other Segments” below). Additionally there were many other voices, but I can assure you they were all impersonated.

Brain Damage was also syndicated on Brisbane-based Internet station Traxx Radio in 2008 as part of “David M. Green’s Comedy Machine.”

Random Sketches

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Brain Damage: The Game


Did You Know(s)?

Did you know…

The Amazing Adventures of Angina Man



More Sketches

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What’s in Your Basement?

The regular segment where we the hosts and you the listener acted in ways you’d come to expect from our respected role titles, as we delved into our basements (and later, other rooms) in a feeble attempt to find something funny and or interesting to bring to the radio station and talk about on the show. The segment mostly resulted in disappointment, and occasional injury…

What’s in your…

Other Segments

Brain Damage Movie Previews
It’s the last episode of Brain Damage and the 4 hosts reveal they all have secret Hollywood movie deals. Hear the exclusive trailers for “Mr Green’s Holiday,” “My Man Godfrey,” “You, Me & Matty B” and “The Truth About Cats and NateDog.”

That’s Sexist 1
The segment where we the hosts analyse our so-called non-sexist world and point out all that is sexist! From Brain Damage show 4, 24/3/2007.

That’s Sexist 2
See description for ‘That’s Sexist 1.’ From Brain Damage show 8, 21/4/2007.

That’s Sexist 3
See description for ‘That’s Sexist 2’ or short-cut straight to the description for ‘That’s Sexist 1’, just trying to save you some time… From Brain Damage show 12, 19/5/2007.

Shaun Micallef Cameo
The final talk break of the final Brain Damage show, in which tears of nostalgia and hilarity are shed, or at least gardened, until Nate’s wolf attacks the hosts and it’s left to Shaun Micallef to explain to everyone what happened…

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