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From acclaimed real person, David M. Green, that guy behind various other community radio comedy shows that will remain nameless in this brief biographical description of his (then) current show… comes… his current show: this one… But what was his current show? Well clearly it’s Pow-Wow… I mean, come on… it’s the title of the damn page. Although unofficially, the show is titled “David M. Green’s Summer Pow-Wow.”

Wikipedia defines “Pow-Wow” as a term of Native American origin, which describes a group of people meeting in one particular area to dance, sing, socialize, and generally have a good time. Wikipedia defines “summer” as one of the four seasons of the year, usually occurring between December and February in the Southern Hemisphere, in which many fruits, vegetables and other plants are in full growth. David M. Green is not important enough to have his own Wikipedia page. Also, he’s a notorious Wikipedia vandal. However, “Pow-Wow” combined (or at least, attempted to) the best aspects of the 3 aforementioned entities (eg. good times, fruit, David M. Green, etc.) into Radio Adelaide’s most salubrious comedy/variety programme.

If you have access to a time machine, tune in for satirical sketches and radio plays, witty and ironic discussion segments, real and fake interviews, special and not-so-special guests and obscure 80s New Wave music! If your time machine’s in the shop, simply scroll down the page to hear the “official” Pow-Wow podcasts. Hosted by accidental Bilby award-winning fop… David M. Green. Pow-Wow was broadcast on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM in the Adelaide Metropolitan area, and every where else via the Internet, every Wednesday night 11pm to midnight from December 2007 through February 2008. Pow-Wow: the show station management called “too funny for Radio Adelaide.”

Syndicated broadcasts of Pow-Wow were also heard on Brisbane-based Internet station Traxx Radio in late 2008 as part of “David M. Green’s Comedy Machine.”





Adelaide Tycoon

Larry David Lunch Interview

No Canada!

David M. Green-Bot

Briss Fest ’08

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Global Warming Edition

William Shatner’s Creature

Spelling’s Greatest Hits

Chemistry Detectives

Chemistry Detectives 2: Physics Ph

Chemistry Detectives 3: Australian Studies

More Sketches

Neanderthal Dad!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom!

Nick Godfrey is: A Crocodile!

Bas Rutten’s School of Dating

Coal Miners’ Message

William Shatner Soundboard Prank Calls

Paris Hilton Australian Interview

Beastiality’s Greatest Hits

Pow-Wow Machine Gun

Is David M. Green Selling Out?

Adelaide Festival of Qualms

Howard’s Butlers

Adam’s Greatest Hits: Nautical Edition

Pow-Wow Music-Free Podcasts (for the listener on the go!)

To hear Pow-Wow for what it really is (minus the music of course), simply open the show .mp3 files directly by clicking on the links below…

Show 01 05/12/2007 – Introduction
Length – 44 mins
Guests – Tim Wray & Nick Godfrey (under suppression order for first talk break).
Includes Extended Intro, Voice-Over’s Tim Wray, Radio Adelaide’s rejected summer shows, Adelaide Tycoon and Smiddy’s Driving Tips 1.

Show 02 12/12/2007 – Oh My God!
Length – 44 mins
Guests – Michael Princi & Lisa Pellegrino.
Includes David’s Rejection Letters, Larry David Lunch Interview, Things that make you go ‘Oh My God,’ Narcolepsy’s Greatest Hits and Smiddy’s Driving Tips 2.

Show 03 19/12/2007 – Pete Smith Speaking
Length – 47 mins
Guests – Pete Smith & Tim Wray.
Includes an interview with Pete Smith, No Canada, hidden reverse song message madness, a politically correct Christmas message and Smiddy’s Driving Tips 3.

Show 04 26/12/2007 – Nathan’s Wolf
Length – 49 mins
Guests – Nick Godfrey & Nathan Sharrad.
Includes the Story of Nathan’s Wolf (as told by the BBC’s David Leg), Diagnose This, That’s Sexist, David M. Green-Bot and a rigged Happy Time ‘SAFM Take 40 Australia’ from February 2000.

Show 05 02/01/2008 – Religion, Politics & Gerry
Length – 42 mins
Guests – Gerard Kotlowy-Brown & John Timoney.
Includes Briss Fest ’08, All About Gerry, New Franchises, David’s Rejection Letters, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Global Warming Edition, Port Adelaide Slogans, Adam finds a penny and Smiddy’s Driving Tips 4.

Show 06 09/01/2008 – William Shatner’s Creature
Length – 42 mins
Guests – Adam “Adam” Navarro, Nick Godfrey & Tim Wray (in the news room).
Includes Adam’s Letterbox, an “interview” with William Shatner, Tim Wray’s Pow-Wow News, Wikipedia Vandalisms and Smiddy’s Driving Tips 5.

Show 07 16/01/2008 – McLeod’s Daughters Extra Reunion
Length – 45 mins
Guests – Alex Williamson & Michael Princi.
Includes Spelling’s Greatest Hits, McLeod’s Daughters extra reminiscing, Ironic Deaths, Chemistry Detectives, Embarrassing Stories and Smiddy’s Mobile Bordello.

Show 08 23/01/2008 – Bas Rutten Calling!
Length – 49 mins
Guests – Michael Princi & Tim Wray.
Includes Bas Rutten Calling, Smiddy’s Driving Tips 7, Chemistry Detectives 2: Physics Ph and a live cross to Pow-Wow Sydney Ambassador Matty B.

Show 09 30/01/2008 – Richard Marsland OFF the Buttons
Length – 54 mins
Guests – Richard Marsland, Nick Godfrey & Nathan Sharrad.
Includes an interview with Richard Marsland and Chemistry Detectives 3: Australian Studies.

Show 10 06/02/2008 – All Movies Rated PG13
Length – 44 mins
Guests – Matty B, Nick Godfrey & Nathan Sharrad.
Includes terrible movies soon to be released despite the Hollywood writers’ strike: Neanderthal Dad! Rock & Roll Mom! & Nick Godfrey is: A Crocodile! Plus Adam Gets Sexy, Smiddy’s Driving Tips 8, Tributes to ‘The Wild Wild Westmar Show’ and ‘The Next Gig Thing’ and How Amazing is Kim Jong Il?

Show 11 13/02/2008 – Voice-Over… The Final Frontier?
Length – 51 mins
Guests – Tim Wray & Gerard Kotlowy-Brown.
Includes The Pow-Wow Ultimate Voice-Over Battle, Bas Rutten’s School of Dating, William Shatner Soundboard Prank Calls, David’s Rejection Letters, A Message from the Australian Coal Miners’ Association regarding Global Warming and an Australian exclusive Interview with Paris Hilton.

Show 12 20/02/2008 – The Magic Factory
Length – 53 mins
Guests – Michael Princi, Nick Godfrey & Nathan Sharrad.
Includes Tonight Live with Smiddy, Smiddy’s Money-Saving Soundboard Prank Calls, Beastiality’s Greatest Hits, Boothed-eateries, free re-fills and Restaurant Qualms, The Pow-Wow Machine Gun, A Bendigo Valentine’s Day, Tim Wray’s Family Feud, Tribute to The Albanian Programme and Is David M. Green Selling Out?

Show 13 27/02/2008 – Adam’s Revenge
Length – 50 mins
Guests – Everybody.
David M. Green is running late because somebody has slashed his tyres! Luckily, Radio Adelaide’s own Adam “Adam” Navarro is at the station to cover for David with a special impromptu edition of his own radio show “Adam.” Includes discussion with special guests speaking about such topics as fruit trees, brains and brushes with fame, callers, smooth wholesome jazz and a special insightful report on the recent 2007 Australian federal election from the BBC’s David Leg. However, eventually David arrives to sign off properly on the final episode of Pow-Wow. But just when he thought he could settle down to an evening of Dr Pepper, booth seating and obscure 80s New Wave music… he gets a visit from someone very special… himself.

Voice-Over’s Tim Wray

William Shatner Soundboard Prank Calls

Smiddy’s Driving Tips

  1. Intersections
  2. Indicators
  3. Hydrogen Tyres
  4. Loose Change
  5. Hub-caps
  6. Smiddy’s Mobile Bordello
  7. Fireworks
  8. Big Cash Settlement
  9. Tonight Live with Smiddy
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