AM radio is one of radio’s most popular forms… of radio; Meandering. Opinionated. Old time-ee. Mono. All are accurate descriptions. So when 4 (increasingly less) young guys considered getting a show together on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM, as a guise mainly to exploit the recording and Internet facilities for personal use, they decided to draw on the extremely deep well of material radiating at the speed of light from the transmission towers belonging to the city’s top 2, highly rating AM stations. One left. One right. Both ripe for parody.

But for fear of retribution, and for something a little different, they decided to conduct the show entirely in character. To the right, David M. Green plays Norman Vine, self-made man and entrepreneur with many a commercial arrangement. On the left, it’s Nick Godfrey, aka Dr Kevin Goodall, socially conscious academic from a respected university that does not want to be named in this description. Anchoring the show to stop it moving about in the night is Adam Navarro as his AM radio alter-ego, “Adam.” And lastly, because his own name was good enough already, Voice-Over’s Tim Wray in the newsroom.

Debuting December 5th 2008 and broadcasting every Thursday night/Friday morning midnight to 1am ACDT (GMT+10.5), “On The Yacht” featured pedantic conversation, special “expert” guests, callers, quizzes, fictional commercials, as well as soft rock and smooth jazz. Tune in for laid-back chat and a satirical homage to the medium: AM style with FM sound. Come ride the radio waves… On The Yacht… 101.5FM. Rejected for Radio Adelaide’s autumn season, On The Yacht’s final show was on February 27th 2009. But scroll down a little, and you’ll find all 13 shows in podcast form. To quote the one piece of fan mail we received: “It’s funny. At times.” An accurate summary, I can assure you.

I should also point out that about 90% of On The Yacht was ad-libbed and made up on the spot, including many of the sketches. And my god was it fun! Listen carefully and you’ll hear us giggling in the background…

On The Yacht was also syndicated on Brisbane-based Internet station TraxxRADIO in late 2009.


Show 06 09/01/2009 – Domestic Disturbance
Length – 53 mins
Guest – Domestic Goddess Lyn Ricegoob
Banter Topics – Tomatoes, cotton mouth, embarrassing moments and incompetent producers.

Show 07 16/01/2009 – Smooth
Length – 52 mins
Guest – Smooth Midi Jazz Musician Julius Cronk
Banter Topics – The On The Yacht Rumour Mill, Adam’s Mailbag, video games, infertility and sandwiches.

Show 08 23/01/2009 – Doctor if you Police
Length – 54 mins
Guest – Police Sergeant Bob Ryan
Banter Topics – President Barack Obama’s Inauguration, The Tour Downunder, aerosol cans, plus a surprise phone call from Premier Mike Rann.
Notes – Due to an absent Adam, this show was hosted by Dr Kevin Goodall.

Show 09 30/01/2009 – At The Marina
Length – 46 mins
Guest – Con the chef cooks up a seafood platter
Banter Topics – Youthful days down at the port, extreme heat, allergies, exploitative business practices, 9/11 conspiracy theories and Norman’s hair.
Notes – Live outdoor broadcast from the Largs Bay Marina.

Show 10 06/02/2009 – Neighbourhood Disputes
Length – 54 mins
Banter Topics – Quarrelsome neighbours, Least favourite usages of the English language, Howard Jones, gay cruises, “Jaccas” and ice-cream pizza.

Show 11 13/02/2009 – Duelling Movies
Length – 52 mins
Guest – Resident movie reviewer, Associate Professor Curtis Lindsay
Banter Topics – The art of duelling, paranormal phenomena, The River Torrens and all things movie, plus we give away “a bottle of plonk.”

Show 12 20/02/2009 Jealousy, Corruption & Ouija
Length – 49 mins
Guest – The ghost of former Radio Adelaide personality, Randy Smithson
Banter Topics – Hoon drivers, Ouija boards, Norman Vine’s astranged son and Dr Kevin Goodall’s narrow urethra.

Show 13 27/02/2009 Yachting Revelations
Length – 52 mins
Guest – Holy Man Monsignor Luigo
Banter Topics – Confessions, relationships, the brown leaves of the autumn years and alphabet soup.

Genuine Fake Ads

Metro Sandwiches
Larry’s Campervans
Larry’s Campervan Jingle
Larry’s Campervan Jingle Reprise
Larry’s Campervan Musical
The Larry’s Campervan Rap
Kaftan Kitchen
Text Massage
Cheeses of Nazareth
Gerald O’Leary’s Flag Emporium
Laser Eye Surgery
Red’s Bathroom Supplies
The Lawnmower Factory
Tony’s Golf Bunker
Tony’s Golf Bunker 2
ABC Air Conditionings
Travel Zimbabwe
Big House Electric Chair
Aunty Anne’s Anti-Ant Spray
Barter Buys
Pretorius Diamonds
Dunkley’s Nasal Spray
Calvin’s Tepee Warehouse
Wide Brown Couches
Ray’s Above-Ground Swimming Pools
Gamblers Identified
The Expressway Hotel
Fair Dinkum Home Loans
The Royal Australian Watermelon Enthusiast Society
South Adelaide Swing Centre
Rod’s Curtain Accessories
Mr Elizabeth Sexual Realignment Centre
Rolling with the Aussie on Campus
Gaza Strip Club
Think Tanks
Johnsons Apple Cafeterium
The Touch Tone Club
Les Garcons et les Filles
Curtis Lindsay’s 1000 Must-See Movies
Les’s Speech Pathology
James Tray: A Tribute

Tim Wray in the News Room

News Update #1 – Blood, Finance & Snow
Breaking News – Fishing Conditions
News Update #2 – Sports, Ships & Celebrities
News Update #3 – Trials, Traffic & The Middle East
Breaking News – Smoke Detectors
Breaking News – Rain
News Update #4 – Classifieds, Politics & Traffic
Breaking News – Migraine Outbreak
News Update #5 – Vienna, Telecommunications & Killer Campervans
Breaking News – Street Light
News Update #6 – Pronunciation, Markets & RIP Brian Simmons
Breaking News – Summer
News Update #7 – Feminism, Adult Relaxation & Melbourne
News Update #8 – Fire, Obituaries & Nick Blue
Breaking News – Large Branch
News Update #9 – Weather Alert, A Fleeting Affair & Bad Traffic
Breaking News – Brian Simmons Sandwich
News Update #10 – Lottery numbers, Child Abduction & Asbestos
The Very Best of Nick Blue

Norman Vine’s Commercial Agreements

Norman Vine Motors
Vine & Hedges Cigars
Vine & Hedges Cigarettes for Pets
Vine & Hedges Collectable Ash Trays
Vine & Hedges Lung Transplants
Vine-Tech University
Norman Vine’s Medium Class Escorts
Norman Vine’s Brill Cream
Vine Realty Lunar Property Developments
Vine World!
Vine Wineries
Norman Vine’s Answering Machine

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