And a very big thank you to TV’s Andrew O’Keefe and the good people at Profile Talent Management and Global Television Studios in South Melbourne!

The irony is we actually shot a sketch where AO’K refuses to appear in an ID for 31 Questions…

Stay tuned for that one. It will be an opening sketch to one of our 13 episodes and will debut on Channel 31 at some point between June and August. More info when we find out our timeslot.

We’ve now passed the half way point in the 31 Questions shooting schedule!

Last Thursday May 3, we shot episodes 8 and 9. Once again there were the usual issues to deal with: crew calling in sick, technical glitches, pressed for time, etc.

But we had a great audience turnout this week and we managed to shoot a couple of quick sketches in addition to the two episodes. Plus we finished on time for a change. Incredible!

And it’s still smiles all round. At least when Simon gets his camera out.

Some of the gags were a bit hit and miss. It never ceases to surprise me how completely off the mark I can be re how I think an audience will react.

My hilarious friend Gerard Kotlowy and I, in one of our many laugh-generation sessions whenever I’m back in Adelaide, came up with this gag involving me pulling a cob of corn from beneath my podium in response to a question about farmers.

I thought it would kill!

On the night it received a lukewarm response. In hindsight it probably just confused people.

But on the other hand, a throw away line coming back from a break: “I’m David M. Green. The love child of Jim Carrey, Gary Numan, and Jim Carrey…” got a HUGE laugh.

Pfft… comedy.

I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s never without mystery.

An amusing bi-product of producing this TV show is I seem to be amassing an assortment of bizarre random items.

The other day I had to go buy a rubber duck and a packet of little army men… watch the show and eventually you’ll find out why.

When this is all over, I’ll have in my possession: x4 A1 sized black and white posters of my face, x10 David M. Green mugs, an air horn, x2 fluoro orange workers’ shirts, a name plate that says “Moderator”, x3 overpriced 31 Questions custom microphone flags, a safety card from a Boeing 737-800, and these are just the things we haven’t already given away as prizes…

If there’s one thing I’ve already got enough of… it’s desk ornaments

Television has a rich history of amassing interesting knickknacks. A fact explored further by Anthony McCormack and myself in this brief video recorded in the RMITV prop room…

This Thursday May 10 is our penultimate 31 Questions studio shoot. So if you can’t make it for the finale on May 17 THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

So come watch two shows as they’re recorded on fabulous standard definition video tape this Thursday 7PM, Studio A, Level 2, Building 12 of RMIT University on scenic Swanston Street, Melbourne.

RSVP to the event on Facebook. Or don’t and come anyway. Or alternatively, RSVP on Facebook and then don’t come. Or don’t RSVP and don’t come. These are your four options.

Surprise me.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
Oooooh… 31 Questions is coming sooooooooon!

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