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Tim Vine
David M. Green interviews “Master of The Pun” and star of ITV’s “The Sketch Show”, UK comedian Tim Vine while he’s in town for the 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Topics covered included his show “The Joke-amotive”, Guinness World Records, best and worst puns, his appearance on Neighbours, The Sketch Show, Scrabble, Steve Coogan, Shaun Micallef and Tim plays “the judge” in a mini-version of the comedy equivalent of “So You Think You Can Dance?” that I (DMG) invented just then: “So You Think You Can Pun!” Originally recorded at Brunetti’s Cafe on Swanston Street, Melbourne April 13 2010.


Richard Marsland
He’s best known for pushing the buttons on Triple M’s former pinnacle of radio excellence, “Get This,” alongside Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, but this time, David’s panelling and he’s pushing Richard Marsland’s buttons… sorry, that kinda sounds a bit seedy… It wasn’t like that, I can assure you… They discuss Get This, panelling, Myspace commenters, Richard’s younger days in Adelaide and on community radio, old people, Wikipedia, Woody Allen, his work writing for Rove and Newstopia, fake interviews, obscure TV shows, his age in years and Devo. Originally recorded 29/12/2007 and broadcast on Pow-Wow on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM (Show 09 30/01/08). Sadly, Richard died on December 6th 2008, less than a year after recording this interview. My thoughts are with his friends, family and everyone he touched with his humour over his short but brilliant life.


Pete Smith
The legendary Channel 9 voice-over guy himself, Pete Smith, has a Pow-wow with David M. Green, conveniently on the show they call ‘Pow-Wow.’ Coincidence? …or something else? They discuss Pete’s voice and its various appearances on radio, including Martin/Molloy, as well as on such TV shows as Sale of the Century, The Nation and Micallef Tonight. They also touch upon Pete’s Order of Australia (not literally, obviously), his absence of nude film scenes and his love of ’30s British Dance Bands. Originally recorded 7/12/2007 and broadcast on Pow-Wow on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM (Show 03 19/12/07).

Shaun Micallef #1
Hear a very young, very nervous David M. Green as he interviews his benevolent hero, the funniest man in Australia: Shaun Micallef, as they discuss Micallef Tonight, hosting the Logies, the time they met, obsessed fans (other than David), Shaun’s time at Radio Adelaide back in the early 80s and the token serious topic, the introduction of voluntary student unionism (VSU). Originally recorded 11/8/06 and broadcast on The Green Room on Flinders University Student Radio on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM.

Shaun Micallef #2
Read the complete transcript from David M. Green’s second interview with Shaun Micallef at Druid’s Cafe on Swanston Street, Melbourne, March 31 2010.  Topics covered include his recent Gold Logie nomination, mainstream success, the state of Australian TV, stand-up comedy, Newstopia, Martin Short, John Safran, The Late Richard Marsland, Sam Simmons and dressing “like a bum”. A condensed version will appear in the upcoming May edition of RMIT University’s “Catalyst” Magazine.


Tony Martin
David M. Green interviews Tony Martin – the host of the funniest show (that was at that time) on radio: “Get This” on Triple M. They discuss his show, his time hosting Martin/Molloy, stand up, his early New Zealand radio days, the state of Australian variety television, The Late Show and some other things that I’ve forgotten. Originally recorded 14/9/06 and broadcast on The Green Room on Flinders University Student Radio on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM.

Alan Brough
It took him 6 months to get back to David, and by that stage The Green Room was no longer on the air, so David M. Green co-interviews Alan Brough along with Radio’s Michael Princi, childishly jostling as they discuss Alan’s Wikipedia page, Spicks & Specks, that commercial for SkyCity where he was going on and on about barcodes, transvestites hiding in fridges (yes, we got a New Zealander to say “fridge”), Chemist shops and the girls who work in them. Originally recorded 17/5/07 and broadcast on Killing Time on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM.

David M. Green’s FAKE Interviews

Tony Abbott
The newly elected federal opposition leader takes time out from playing tag and saving the world as ‘Captain Catholic’ to chat to David M. Green for a ‘direct to the Internet’ interview, 12/12/2009.

Paris Hilton
She’s famous for being famous (Although I didn’t know she was a celebrity until I discovered I was going to be interviewing her). David M. Green (Me) talks to the blonde-haired hotel heiress, ironically in the rose garden of her beach-side Adelaide hotel. We (they) discuss her vast fortune, her idea of the perfect date, her 2007 prison vacation, obsessed underwear-thieving fans, her recent switch from dogs to cats and local politics. Originally broadcast on Pow-Wow on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 13/2/2008.

William Shatner
Famous for his roles on the original Star Trek TV series, as well as TJ Hooker and Boston Legal, Sci-Fi legend William Shatner invites David M. Green to his house in Hollywood, to help him search out and destroy a mysterious creature that lives in his basement, whilst meeting an old servant friend along the way… Originally broadcast on Pow-Wow on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 9/1/2008.

Larry David
Executive producer of “Seinfeld” and star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David, allows himself to be interviewed over lunch in a Los Angeles restaurant. Originally broadcast on Pow-Wow on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 12/12/07.

Jack Nicholson
A somewhat “awkwardly casual” insight into one of Hollywood’s most veritably impersonable male actor-type persons. Originally broadcast on The Green Room on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 15/12/06.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
The lovely ex-portrayer of the well known slayer of vampires, Buffy, reveals that back in the 5th grade, she had a giant crush on one David M. Green. Originally broadcast on The Green Room on Radio Adelaide 101.FM 9/2/07.

David Letterman
When attempting to interview one of America’s most well known late night talk show hosts, David M. Green is interrupted by an obnoxious Nick Godfrey. David Letterman also bursts into song at one point. Originally broadcast on Brain Damage on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 10/3/07. Video here.

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