It’s the 8th installment of VHS Revue! Wow 8 episodes. I reckon that’s enough to call it a proper webseries now.

This week I took a look through a circa 1993 tape of an episode of the late 80s/early 90s police drama “Wiseguy” – a show I’ve never heard of.

Highlights include ads for Brunnings lawn seed, Sizzler, Link Introductions, TyreMag (which I think might now be banned?), Bob Moran used cars (who is DEFINITELY now banned), Solver Paints, and another thing. Footage recorded from Channel Nine Adelaide and used here for review, parody and satirical purposes (obviously).

This is the last episode I’ve got in the can. But they’ve been fun to make and I’ve got a few more tapes with good stuff on them. So keep your lips peeled for number 9.

Thanks for watching/liking/tweeting/subscribing/etc. It’s always a thrill.

Big thanks especially to Alexis Kotlowy for the fabulous theme music and opening title sequences. And Nicholas Godfrey for his VHS camera. Though I did spot it in Cash Converters for him, so really, it’s mostly me.

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– David M. Green

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