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The Green Room rose out of the ashes left behind by the dying embers that belonged to the now defunct Flinders University Student Radio (FUSR) and debuted on July 6th 2006 on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM. From July to November 2006, The Green Room broadcast Wednesdays 11:30pm to midnight as part of FUSR on Radio Adelaide, and from December 2006 to February 2007 Fridays 11pm to midnight as part of Radio Adelaide’s summer programme season. David M. Green was The Green Room’s benevolent host and the show featured sketches, talk breaks, station IDs, interviews and lots of obscure 80s New Wave music. A goal was set when the show began to play every single Devo song ever (with the exception of “Whip It” because, let’s face it, that song’s run its course). However, as the Devo songs’ combined play time was greater than the amount of air-time available to The Green Room over the course of its 7 months on the air, this goal was not accomplished… However, the dream will live on, on future David M. Green-related radio shows…

Highlights of the show’s life included interviews with Shaun Micallef, Tony Martin and, to a lesser extent, Hamish Blake and Santo Cilauro. Famed (and also “Farmed”) David M. Green segments “That’s Sexist” and “Ironic Deaths” also owe their life to The Green Room. There was also the regular pre-recorded live cross via telephone to The Green Room Reporter, Comrade John Timoney, as he reported on the situation outside the Gilbert Place Pancake Kitchen, where he was handcuffed to a payphone. The Green Room was also broadcast on The KChost Radio Network out of Kansas City, Missouri. David M. Green quit The Green Room to start a new Radio Adelaide comedy show, Brain Damage, information about which can be found on its respected webpage.

In 2008 The Green Room was syndicated on Brisbane-based Internet station Traxx Radio under the name: “David M. Green’s Comedy Machine.”

Shorter Sketches

Cooking Machine

McDonald’s Abattoir

A Very Oakley Christmas

Al Goretex

Bill Lumbergh for Hire

Blank CDs

Emo Spray

Video Killed the Radio Star

The Sketch Sketch


St Emo’s Fire

The Zilight Tone

Transportation’s Greatest Hits

Video Pirates

Longer Sketches

The Green Room: Behind The Laughter
A 17-minute “documentary” about the origins of The Green Room. From its graphic birth into the dying world of Flinders University Student Radio, to its then present status as an upstanding member of the Radio Adelaide summer 2006/07 selection of Friday night comedy programmes. Hear the origins of Comrade John Timoney, The Green Room Reporter, Adam Navarro, star of Christian Pornography and the man behind the man who was, and still remains… David M. Green… not in a sexual way though. A “sound” introduction (this isn’t a visual medium… we’re easily amused) to The Green Room for anyone who failed to hear it when it aired, or indeed, has not bothered to visit The Green Room Myspace page.

The Green Room’s Time Travel Extravaganza!
After 7 months of presenting The Green Room, on February 2nd 2007, David M. Green finally had enough, and attempted to travel forward through time 60 minutes to a point where the show was already finished. Co-host Adam Navarro accompanied him into the future, using the “Stiffen Starchy” brand time machine, conviniently located in studio 2, with the intention of making a copy of the show and bringing it back in time to the start of the hour, in order to simply play it on the air and avoid doing any work. However, things turn wrong when David and Adam are sent into a post-apocalyptic Adelaide future and take it upon themselves to travel back in time to the 1830s in a feeble attempt to save the world and entertain listeners…

Various Segments

Ironic Deaths 26/01/07
The segment where we select celebrities and various public figures we don’t like and determine the most ironic way for them to die.

Matty B Call 19/01/07
A live cross via telephone to The Green Room East Coast Correspondent, Mr Matty B, as he reports on the current situation in his western Sydney suburbs home and attempts to answer some pseudo-relevant questions from David M. Green and guest Tim Wray. John Timoney is also there but he doesn’t say much because he and Matty B don’t like each other (mainly due to their differing political views…).

Today Tonight Prank Call 12/01/07
David M. Green calls commercial TV current affairs programme “Today Tonight” to pitch them some story ideas…

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