Ohohohohohoooooooo YEEEESSSSSS!

Norman Vine is BACK!

Tune into Bad Blokes on Barry Radio with my good friends Jack Ellis, Luke “Plugga” Harding and Alex Williamson.

If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, you can tune in on your digital radio, or else listen online at the following times (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, GMT +11):

Monday – 8AM
Wednesday – 4PM
Thursday – 10PM
Friday – 11AM
Saturday – 8AM/4PM/10PM
Sunday – 4AM/11AM/5PM

I think the guys really mesh well with each other on the air. It’s mostly just laid back chat, but quite dense with gags. They also do the odd sketch here and there.

And of course, a new segment called “The Finer Things” with my alter-ego, eccentric billionaire and notorious ladies man, Norman Vine, which explores life’s finer things and adds a touch of class to the digital radio spectrum. This week we talk about yachting and dressing gowns. That’s right.

A big thanks to the good blokes from Bad Blokes for having me on their show. It’s an absolute pleasure and hopefully they’ll have me on a few more times before they get sick of me!

Kind regards,
David M. Green
I’ll get back to you, Barry.

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