Yes! I’ve finally managed to bribe the good people at iTunes HQ to allow the water-breaking comedy show “On The Yacht” on to their respected… place of podcasts.

I mean, this isn’t a new radio show. The episodes have been available here since they aired on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM in the summer of 2008/09. But you know the kids these days. They’re are all about the iTunes…

So you can now find and subscribe to the hilarious On The Yacht podcasts on iTunes, either by searching “On The Yacht” or by clicking this link directly:

Join Adam – avid seaman & show anchor – billionaire ladies’ man Norman Vine, socially conscious academic Dr Kevin Goodall & Voice-Over’s Tim Wray in the newsroom for pedantic conversation, special “expert” guests, callers, quizzes, fictional commercials, soft rock & smooth jazz.

Tune in for laid-back chat and a satirical homage to the medium: AM style with FM sound. Come ride the radio waves… On The Yacht…

The first 3 episodes are up there. The rest are on their way.

I’m also panelling (and “producing”, apparently) the new topical podcast by the fabulous Lawrence Mooney & Adam Rozenbachs. Subscribe to “Eye of the Storm” on iTunes here. It’s a comedic, uncensored look back at the week’s events.

PLUS… be on the look out for a brand new well-panelled and completely UNtopical podcast featuring myself and the hilarious Anthony McCormack! But more on that one later…

Kind regards,
David M. Green
That’s… 3 podcasts I have.

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Podcast City! On The Yacht now on iTunes., 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings