Due to a mix up in Western Australia, Adelaide has somehow overtaken Perth and will be the first non-Melbourne city to to see the season finale of 31 Questions! How AMAZING is that!?!

Episode 13 of the low budget TV game show all the critics are ignoring was supposed to air on WTV Perth last Saturday, but they made a last minute schedule change. Perth fans can now catch the last episode of season 1 THIS coming Saturday, 24 November 11.30PM (that’s digital channel 44). So scratch that in your fridge.

Adelaide, on the other hand, can watch it first TONIGHT 10.30PM on 44 Adelaide. By gum, that’s only 90 minutes from now!

Left this blog entry a little late…

I was back in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago and did a bit of a radio station crawl. Just after midnight on Monday November 5, I stopped by FiveAA 1395AM to have a chat with Peter Godfrey. Technically, I was his lead guest for the week.

We talked about 31 Questions (obviously), Adelaide versus Melbourne, community TV in general, and some other things that probably aren’t that important. Have a listen here:

Incredibly, Peter Godfrey does that midnight to 6am shift all by himself. No panel operator. And no producer! He screens all the calls himself. Incredible. An absolute pro.

At one point I left the studio to grab a glass of water and take another selfie photo of me in front of the sign and I actually got lost. That FiveAA office is a maze. Ing.

Now for most media whores, that would be enough for the night, but not me. No sir. When it comes to radio, I just can’t quit.

So I hopped in the car (Dad’s), and drove from Hindmarsh Square to fabulous 228 North Terrace for a pre-recorded interview with John Murch at Radio Adelaide 101.5FM. It was about 3AM by the time I left. Not sure when that interview will air. I guess just listen out forĀ RadioNotes on a Sunday night.

Oh, while I’m here, just one more thing. Back in 2007 I won an “Bilby” award for “Best Station ID” at the 2007 South Australian Community Broadcasting Association Awards. It was on display in the Radio Adelaide foyer when I was last there in 2009. But it ain’t there now!

In fact, there’s a space where it should be. There’s awards from 1985 all the way up to 2006. Then the awards just jump to 2008!

So if anyone’s seen it, I’d be very interested to know its current whereabouts. To my knowledge there was only one copy.

And I couldn’t imagine there’d be any single past or present Radio Adelaide station volunteer who would want to see harm come to a physical representation of my talent…

Ha, but seriously… I want that award back.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
Are Bilbys rare or something?

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