It’s exactly what the title implies…

The TV game show all the cool kids are ignoring, 31 Questions Season 3 premieres this Saturday night in Melbourne & Geelong, 8.30PM on Channel 31 (actually channel 44). So gather around the viewing tube and expose your eyeballs to some trivial entertainment (and possibly unsafe levels of radiation)!

We’re screening in New Zealand on Face Television from Thursday June 12, 8.30PM on Sky Channel 083. Then 8.30PM from the following Thursday (June 19), we’re on air in Sydney on TVS.

I’ll have timeslots for Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth in the fullness of time.

Made another appearance on TV Tonight as well. Good to see less grammatical errors this year.

Less, but not none.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
Promo needed a little more DMG.

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