By the way, hope you’re enjoying these sequel title gags. Got a bit tricky to find titles after 7…

Anyway… 31 Questions! We’re done!

And the ratings are IN. We broke all previous records this season with the Channel 31 Ratings Machine indicating 46,000 people in Melbourne & Geelong tuned in to our 4th episode on June 28. Beats the hell out of our previous best of 37,800 for our Season 2 finale last year. These days with all the competition from the plethora of digital channels, YouTube, PacMan and hula hoops, that some damn good figures.

I assume.

Personally, I reckon the best episodes of Season 3 are 1, 6 and the finale. And what a way to go out. Highlights of Ep 8 include the contractually required “Sophie’s Choice” segment, in which contestants Aaron and Naomi sing for points; Sophie and Anthony’s all-French exchange and one very special cameo.

If you missed the season finale when it aired on C31 Melbourne & Geelong on July 26, or you haven’t watched it on YouTube yet, look away now as I ruin the surprise.

A wonderful moment and by far the biggest round of applause we ever received of all the episodes.

31 Questions: the little game show that could, has come a long way since that first pilot 4 years ago. So many people have helped make the show possible. A nice way to illustrate is to take a look at the crew photos, starting with our 2nd pilot shoot in 2011.

Also note, I’m holding a pot plant above Simon Eastwood’s head:

Season 1, 2012:

Season 2, 2013:

Season 3, 2014:

Just by these 4 photos, you can also see how the whole thing has evolved: The set, logo, lighting, the number of people involved and just the general level of organisation too.

Funnily enough, I didn’t begin with the crew photo from our 1st pilot because our level of organisation in those early days was not sufficient to organise a group photo.

This is the closest I’ve got from our disastrous first shoot in 2010:

Side note, get a load of the Question Mk #1 jacket:

I believe that was a rush job the night before… Where was I?

So my point is literally hundreds of hands and thousands of fingers have worked on 31 Questions. 99 per cent of them for no money. And it’s the little touches you don’t even think about that bring out the best in a big project like this. People solved problems and did things on this show I don’t even know about. You could even say we got this far thanks to “the wisdom of friends”.

I probably wouldn’t, but I mean you COULD say that, if you wanted.

Any way you look at it, it was teamwork made this show. It wasn’t perfect, but we had far more hits than misses. It’s just about the best community television can be.

And I’m damn proud to put my name on it.

Hope you enjoyed watching.

Kind regards,
David M. Green

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