Merry New Year!

When I was in Adelaide the other week, I got together with my good friend Nick Godfrey to make a new direct-to-YouTube video recorded on the futuristic medium of VHS…

And after tedious conversion through about 4 other formats. it’s now online for your enjoyment. Presenting “VHS Revue”. A nostalgic look back on the 4:3 gems taped and abandoned on video cassette decades ago. In this edition, I look at a tape of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics:

Highlights include commercials for National, Ansett, South Australian potatoes & Peter Russell-Clarke endorsing cheese, as well as some John Newcombe presenting clips and an Eyewitness News update with a young Tim Webster.

You may have noticed that’s actually episode 2. I did make a similar video back in 2008 where I dissected some ads on a tape of the 1985 Australian Grand Prix, originally titled “Witty 80s TV Commercial Nerd”. I’ve re-branded that Star Wars-style as “VHS Revue 1”. Here’s that one, if you’re interested:

These are really fun to make. And there’s something quite relaxing about putting a tape into the VCR and hearing those reels wind around, not knowing what you’re going to find. I find my eyes that are so used to crystal clear HD reception adjust to the warm, fuzzy image on the screen after a while. I brought a box of old tapes back with me to Melbourne, so if I find anything good, I’ll be back for another VHS Revue.

Kind regards,
David M. Green
How about that blue shirt? Still fits!

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