I’ve just spent 9 hours driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and I’ve arrived safely only to hear the news that Adelaide radio legend David Day has passed away.

I would not have a career in radio if it were not for this man.

In 2006, I was 18 and in second year uni when I decided I wanted to get involved with Flinders University Student Radio. Not having the courage to just jump on air and do it, I saw an ad for David Day’s “Intro to Radio Course” at his Australian Radio School, and figured it was worth a shot. Me and a bunch of other guys and gals of various ages and backgrounds met with Daisy one night a week for 12 weeks in his little studio on South Terrace to learn how to make radio. It was great. I remember one night he gave us a tour of the Triple M studios and he showed us this digital audio editing machine called Vox-Pro. I’d never seen anything like that before and I remember watching in awe as he recorded a sentence and chopped it up, rearranged it and put music under it in about 10 seconds. I had this huge epiphany: “So THAT’S how they do it!” I always wanted to make comedy sketches and I saw Daisy do that and my imagination just ran away, thinking of all the possibilities.

I had a meeting with him in 2007 to get some career guidance. By this stage, I’d done a few comedy shows on community radio but I was prepared to go out and work at a country station to get some more experience. He said he reckoned I’d be bored if I went out to the country, so he passed my demo directly to then Today Network Content Director Craig Bruce. That lead to my first gig in radio as a panel operator at SAFM. That lead to my next one at MTR. And that lead to my current one at Crocmedia.

That was my relationship with Daisy. He was a great guy. Always had time to listen. He lived hard and fast and had some incredible stories from the golden years of FM radio. The last time I saw him was December 2009 at one of his SA Music Hall of Fame lunches. I went up to him at the end to say goodbye and thanks for everything because I was moving to Melbourne to pursue show biz. He shook my hand and said: “Good. I expect big things from you”.

I’m thinking of his friends and family at this difficult time.

Cheers Daisy. RIP.

David M. Green

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