This week June 1 to 5, community television in Australia is having a week of action to call attention to the fact they’re still facing the axe at the end of the year when the Federal Government turns off their TV transmission.

I wrote an article about all this for The Age last year. Aside from my middle initial mysteriously disappearing from The Age website, nothing much has changed since then – not least my firm belief that community television is an important part of the Australian media landscape and deserves to exist.

Do you agree? Yes? Okay. So what can you do?

Go to the Commit to Community TV website:

Sign the petition. Like the Facebook page. Send a Tweet. Write to your local MP and/or Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Tell someone you think community TV and the thousands of hours of content created every year by thousands of volunteers is important and they should have more time to make the transition to an online distribution business model.

Do it this week.


– David M. Green

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