It’s a politically-themed VHS Revue this week. On a tape of the 1989 British Open, Gough Whitlam endorses a fax machine and introduces Australia to the “smart phone” and a guy who looks like a former leader of The Greens does a patriotic ad for windscreen wipers. It’s as good as it sounds.

Interesting/tedious production note: This VHS tape was actually labelled “no good” and during the digitising process, the magnetic tape inside the cassette actually snapped. I had to take it to a camera store and pay $20 to get it repaired. But it was worth it just for the Gough Whitlam ads. I do believe this is the first time anyone has uploaded them to YouTube. So if I achieve nothing else, I’ve got that.

Special thanks to Nicholas Godfrey, Adam Navarro, Matthew “Smiddy” Smith and Alexis Kotlowy. Flags and anchors provided by Tim Wray.

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– David M. Green

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