Hello again! In the space of 24 hours, my new bed and side table arrived, as did my boxes of stuff from Adelaide! To paraphrase MTV’s “Cribs,” from now on this is where the “magic” will happen:

Wow. You sure do appreciate a bed after not having one for 3 nights. I feel like I’ve got 75% of a room now. I just need the Internet. That may seem to you to be a bit of a high percentage taken up by the Internet, especially because for many the Internet is a luxury. Not for me. It’s been quite tricky to conduct my affairs without being constantly connected. Just yesterday I got a voice-over job from Allan Miller (who’s based in Tasmania). The usual procedure is he tells me what he wants, I record it and email it, he tells me what changes to make, I record it again and email it again, etc. The whole process involves a lot of emailing back and fourth and it’s a real pain in the arse having to go down to the local Altona Video Easy/Internet Cafe every time I need to re-send a file. Although I must admit it’s a lot more pleasant now that my bike has arrived!

Here’s the rest of my room:

I also had my first “Melbourne Celebrity Sighting” yesterday. I was in the Myer department store in the city, pursuing their limited range of table lamps, when I notice to my left a woman step off an escalator. It took me a few seconds to realise it was TV’s Judith Lucy! However, by that stage she had already turned and walked off without making eye contact. I don’t know what I would have said anyway; “Hey, I’ve seen The Best Bits of The Late Show, you know, that show you were on in 1993?” I suppose she was also in “Bad Eggs.” Although she’s not exactly what I like that movie… Oh well, next time. Hence my new “Judith Lucy Lamp:”

I’m settling in to the share house situation quite well I think. The food situation seems to be working.  I’d love to go into more detail, but curtesy dictates housemates’ eating habits are to be kept off the Internet (at least in this particular house…), so instead I’ll just say I’m pretty much taking care of myself. It may not be a fancy stainless steel kitchen with all the latest mod-cons like a dishwasher or a toaster, but it’s functional and I’m enjoying the chance to experiment a little. Earlier this week I made a delicious soup. Cooking can be quite relaxing actually and I’m looking forward to trying some more advanced things in the coming weeks. Less enthusiastic about their lack of a bath-mat system (I’ll explain more about that later. I’ll probably end up writing a dedicated blog entry).

Something that I’m really not liking at the moment is not having any friends who live in Melbourne. I really don’t like eating meals out by myself. It’s quite depressing. I’m assuming this will change soon, as my first cinema shift is tonight and uni induction classes start next week, and as I’ve been described as a “friends slut” I’m sure I’ll have no trouble finding friends. New and better friends! And I’m hoping my Adelaide friends will agree to some sort of rostered holiday system, whereby each week a different friend will come visit me in Melbourne. More for their benefit than mine. Hehehe…

In other news for $5 I joined RMIT’s SYN (Student Youth Network), the community radio station where Hamish & Andy started. I have no idea what I’d be doing there. I really just wanted a sticker. Come to mention it I would like to get back on air again, but again, it would help if I had some friends who could help out with guest appearances and extra voices. There’s only so much David M. Green can do on his own… Although I’m sure I’ll have no shortage of “Adelaide Correspondents.” Speaking of radio, a very special item also arrived with the rest of my stuff. Something that I knew would cheer me up when I’m feeling down, and it’s already done just that a few times from its new spot on my bedroom wall…

Ahh… I love that photo…

Well, best get to my first shift at the Cinema Nova!

Kind regards,
David M. Green
I have contents insurance!

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